Ben Brewster

Hi! I'm a researcher doing work around Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Sometimes i do work on other crime and security issues too.


// BIO.

I currently hold a post as a Research Fellow within the University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab; the world’s first large-scale research platform for ending slavery, and home to the world’s leading modern slavery experts. My work within the Rights Lab aligns to the Communities and Society Programme researching the development, implementation and monitoring of integrated, multi-agency policy responses to modern slavery. Working closely with partners, institutions and communities, I’m discovering how communities, regions and countries can become more resistant to modern slavery, creating resilient places where slavery is unable to take root or flourish. This includes a on-going mapping of multi-agency anti-slavery partnerships, an analysis of the impact of faith-based anti-slavery initiatives, and work on behaviour change. My research background is in the role of non law-enforcement actors in modern slavery prevention and victim-protection, with particular expertise on the nexus between research, policy and the activities of practitioners in the protection of victims and vulnerable communities. I have also worked extensively over the last six years at the intersection of technology and security practitioners, looking into topics including Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), cybercrime and cyberterrorism, community policing engagement, and crisis management. Outside of work, as an extension of the research I have done in response to a range of contemporary international security issues, I maintain a keen interest in causes associated with human and animal rights, and the environment.

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