Ben Brewster

Hi! I'm a researcher doing work around Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Sometimes i do work on other crime and security issues too.



Here’s a selection of the projects i’ve worked on! Click on the headings for more detail about each project.

Slavery Free Communities.

I work on the Slavery Free Communities Programme at the Rights Lab


I’m was the primary investigator on MIICT, an EU H2020 project looking to re-design frontline public services to improve access for migrants and refugees.

Multi-Agency Responses to Modern Slavery.

I’m currently working to finalise my PhD Thesis focusing on the use of multi-agency partnerships to tackle Human Traficking and Modern Slavery in the UK.


With AEsOP (Applied Engagement for Community Particpation) i worked to design an educational videogame to raise awareness of community policing with vulnerable groups and children.


In UNITY I looked into the role of technology as a means to improve the engagement and collaboration between the police and the communities they serve.


In COURAGE, I worked with the European Commission to define the future research agenda for cybercrime in the EU.


In ePOOLICE I looked into how information posted on the web and social media could be leveraged to help prevent crime, focusing specifically on Human Trafficking and drug crime.


In UINFC2, I hepled investigate how advanced tehnological tools might be used to help prevent the sexual exploitaiton of children online.